Meet the Founder of Khemosafe

Louis Soto, the founder of Khemosafe Inc., worked as a pharmacist for 26 years and experienced the dangers of hazardous waste vapor exposure firsthand. After being diagnosed with sarcoidosis due to the harmful exposure, Soto patented the Khemosafe Smart-Unit design to ensure that no other healthcare worker gets sick on the job.

Khemosafe is a startup company that develops technology to create equipment that makes collecting hazardous waste safer. With the rising costs of hazardous waste disposal, Khemosafe offers professional services at competitive pricing. We believe in giving a personalized service to our customers and creating long-term positive relationships.

Our Core Values

We are dedicated to making the environment safer for those working in the medical field. Khemosafe has the only product on the market that collects hazardous waste and determines the final weight.

Weighing allows institutions to ascertain their final weights without relying on the companies that haul their waste away and send the institution a bill. No one knows the final weight, and removing the hazardous containers comes at a cost.

That's why weighing the material at the point of disposal offers a cost-saving that doesn't exist elsewhere and allows hospitals to create a more transparent environment. Medicare and Medicaid reimburse these institutions, and transparency is paramount in this highly regulated environment.

We are your one-stop shop when it comes to innovative, intelligent solutions for hazardous waste disposal in healthcare environments. We can handle any job and know that healthcare workers need an extra safe and clean environment to work. Our focus is on providing great value and prices in our services.



Louis Soto

Louis Soto


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