What is Khemosafe?

A technology company that designs equipment that makes collecting hazardous waste safer.

Doesn’t there already exist containers to collect hazardous waste?

Yes, there are containers that collect hazardous waste. But, it is not about building a better waste container, it is about developing technology to control hazardous waste exposure.

How is it different?

Khemosafe is the only company that designed a hazardous waste unit that employs technology to thwart exposure of vapors and collect relevant data to employ prescriptive and predictive analytics.

Can you suggest a study that supports the use of Khemosafe?

There have been many studies but one particular was done in 2010 by Dr Connor. Connor, T. H., DeBord, D. G., Pretty, J. R., Oliver, M. S., Roth, T. S., Lees, P. S. J., … McDiarmid, M. A. (2010).
Evaluation of antineoplastic drug exposure of health care workers at three university-based US cancer centers. Journal of Occupational Environmental Hygiene,52(10), 1019-1027. doi:10.1097/JOM.0b013e3181f72b63

Why analytics?

Hazardous waste in 2019 recorded revenue at being $4 Billion Dollars. Khemosafe empowers institutions through proprietary algorithms to collect data and make informative forward-thinking decisions. 

Predictive analytics is the use of data, combined with mathematical equations and statistics using R to make better-informed decisions. The data collected tells a story. The conclusion of the story is that the end-user will feel that within a 98% confidence interval that the probability that their annual expenditure’s for hazardous waste disposal will decrease.  

Our device is based on very progressive thinking. Outside the box. Price WaterHouse Cooper clearly dileants  how IOT is the future:

What is the difference between the current yellow bins being used and Khemosafe smart unit?

Yellow bins have always been static. While Khemosafe offers the user an experience of safety and cost containment analytics.

Can Khemosafe be applied to The Joint Commission?

Yes, The Joint Commission has various standards on how environments impact patients. Khemosafe smart technology would remove another variable that impacts how hazardous vapors affect patients.

If a nurse uses CSTD then why Khemosafe?

Studies have shown that PPE, gauze, and other materials used in infusing chemotherapy, when disposed of, contribute to the exposure of aerosolized transmission.

What technology does the device have?

It can calculate the weight of the material and record it in a cloud account.

Why would I want that?

The EPA and NIOSH have classified chemotherapy and any materials that come in contact considered to be hazardous waste.  The EPA 40 CFR requires that all generators report to the EPA biennial. As it stands no institution is currently aware of the amount of waste it generates.

Why store it in the cloud?

The cloud allows for efficient storage of information.  The cloud platform Khemosafe is planning to use is HIPAA compliant.

How often do I replace a bag?

A new cartridge is replaced after 30 fills. 

Invest in the future of hazardous waste disposal

At Khemosafe, our mission is to make sure that every nurse, custodial worker, hospital, and clinic employee can feel confident that they are safe in their workplace. We are passionate about our hazardous waste disposal service project, and we won’t stop until everyone who comes into contact with chemotherapy and cytostatic drugs is safe. We’re beginning our mission with the backbone of our healthcare system, our hero nurses and medical staff, and then we plan to develop smaller systems for private and residential use. 

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