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Hazardous waste disposal just got smart

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When nurses administer chemotherapy treatments to their patients, they should not be putting their health at risk. Disposal of hazardous waste is where the risk occurs.

When healing becomes critical,
Khemosafe has the answer.

Hazardous waste disposal just got smart

"We’re bringing smart technology to hazardous waste disposal"

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This is the first hazardous waste disposal service that genuinely puts nurses first. The patented Khemosafe unit prevents you from being exposed to hazardous waste vapors by immediately sealing waste bags to prevent seepage.

The smart unit then weighs all the hazardous waste you collect and that data is safely and securely stored on the Cloud. At the end of the month, the hospital receives a report for the month’s recorded weight. 

That way, hospitals know if all the initially collected waste remains captured, or if some of it has escaped as a dangerous vapor that can negatively impact the health of hard-working nurses. 

Khemosafe has developed a cutting edge smart technology device  for hazardous waste disposal that will keep everyone safe. Our innovative smart unit provides a collection method that uses technology to prevent exposure of hazardous vapors. 

Our smart unit can be leased to any hospital, clinic, inpatient, or out-patient program and it allows each facility to take complete control of its hazardous waste disposal.

Instead of relying on waste companies to report how much waste they have collected, you can take an accurate measurement of all the hazardous waste you are producing.

This doesn’t just ensure more transparency so you can manage costs and ensure you are protecting patients as per The Joint Commission guidelines, it also means data can be analyzed in detail so you can make better decisions going forward.

Intricate algorithms help you track and monitor the waste so you can measure exactly how much you pay per pound of waste disposal and search out the best pricing. You can also use predictive analytics to map future cost savings and environmental protection plans.

In an era of rising healthcare costs, Khemosafe provides  cost containment tools to  institutions.
Khemosafe’s smart unit can be utilized in any hospital, clinic, or outpatient setting that infuses chemotherapy. It allows each facility to take complete control of how it’s hazardous waste is collected.

There is currently no formal, standardized method for removing cytostatic drugs, which is why at Khemosafe, we’ve decided it’s time to offer a feasible solution.

How does it work?

Step 1
Our unit seals the waste safely and securely as soon as a nurse deposits the material, solving the problem of seepage and exposure to dangerous vapors.
Step 3
A final weight is taken before collection and uploaded so it can be later checked against disposal company billing.
Step 2
Then the waste is weighed and automatically uploaded to the Cloud.
Step 4
Algorithms track this data over time to reveal patterns and details that help medical facilities to manage their expenses and protect the environment.

Help us invest in health

The problem of nurses and hospital workers’ exposure to hazardous chemicals like those from cytostatic drugs isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s only just now starting to attract a fraction of the attention it deserves, but awareness is growing by the day. 

More than 1.7 million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year in the US. 

Around 650,000 cancer patients receive chemotherapy every year in an outpatient oncology clinic in the US. 

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We’re bringing smart tech to hazardous waste disposal

The Opportunity

Our patented smart unit is an opportunity to target every medical facility across the country and beyond, providing a safe way to dispose of chemotherapy waste. 


It protects nurses


It empowers hospitals


It reduces costs


It helps make future waste plans

Invest in the future of hazardous waste disposal

At Khemosafe, our mission is to make sure that every nurse, custodial worker, hospital, and clinic employee can feel confident that they are safe in their workplace. We are passionate about our hazardous waste disposal service project, and we won’t stop until everyone who comes into contact with chemotherapy and cytostatic drugs is safe. We’re beginning our mission with the backbone of our healthcare system, our hero nurses and medical staff, and then we plan to develop smaller systems for private and residential use.